Tony Cullingham

Watford Advertising

Writer or Art Director?





Don't label yourself. People will label you.

Creative Directors feel comfortable if they can say you are a writer. Or you are an art director.

But why can't you be a great writer, a great art director and, more importantly,  why can't you be a great creative thinker?

Of course you have creative strengths and you have creative weaknesses. 

So you need to work on your strengths . And you need to work more on your weaknesses.

If you are a competent writer  work harder  to become great at art directing. It may take time to be an all round creative. 

But guess what ?

The harder you work the less time it takes to get better.Enjoy the freedom of being  without a label.

David Bowie did.

He was a writer, designer, lyricist, singer, dancer, mime artist,producer, arranger, actor, painter, costume designer, keyboard player, guitar player, saxophone player, sculptor, set designer .....and at one time an 'art director' at JWT.


Bowie didn't wait for permission to try something new. He'd be an out of work adman if he did.

Tomorrow you'll sketch for the first time.

Or write a 2 minute piece of stand up comedy.

Or make a  film about  leaves falling from the trees.

Or write a play using potato peelings as the cast.

Immerse yourself in whatever you find fun and interesting.

Immerse youself in the opposite of what you think you are.

You'll discover more about yourself. Some things will be pleasant to discover other things less so.

That's the way it is. You've got to  take the rough with the smooth.

It will be an exciting journey.

And excitement is what you want isn't it ?

Another thing. Don't give a damn about what people think of your ideas.

Judgement is subjective. 

Experience is everything.

The answer to the question 'Are you a writer or  an art director'

is, 'I am a creative.'

So be the next David Bowie.

Or  better still be the next you.