Tony Cullingham

Watford Advertising

                      The do's and don'ts of being a creative.

    To Do                                          Not To Do


DO GET IN EARLY  WORK LATE.                                  DO NOT COME IN LATE GO  EARLY

DO LAUGH                                                                           DO NOT BE SERIOUS

DO MORE THAN IS ASKED FOR                                   DO NOT  DO JUST WHAT IS ASKED FOR.

DO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF                                           DO NOT  DOUBT YOURSELF

DO SEEK CRITICISM                                                        DO NOT SEEK PRAISE

DO  CHASE OPPORTUNITY                                           DO NOT CHASE MONEY

DO LOOK FORWARD                                                       DO NOT LOOK BACK.

DO BE YOURSELF                                                            DO NOT BE SOMEONE YOU'RE NOT

DO BE POSITIVE                                                               DO NOT BE NEGATIV E

DO MAKE MISTAKES                                                       DO NOT TRY TO BE PERFECT

DO PUT  IDEAS ON  PAPER                                           DO NOT KEEP IDEAS IN YOUR HEAD

DO SAY YOUR TRUE FEELINGS                                  DO NOT BOTTLE STUFF

DO SHOW YOUR IDEAS                                                  DO NOT HIDE AN IDEA

                                 AND FINALLY, PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY.

DO BE HUMBLE                                                              DO NOT BE ARROGANT.