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The Rosie Mitchell Memorial Award. Student Team Of The Year.

There are far more important things in life than the job you do.

Unless your job is to save lives.

In memory of one our former students, Rosie Mitchell,  every year we select  a team or an individual student who  has made an outstanding contribution to the course.

The names that appear on our Memorial Award below not only left with a great body of creative work they also made a huge  effort in supporting and encouraging  their course colleagues . 

 Teams of The Year.


Where are they now?

1995 Craig is at Kessels Kramer, Amsterdam. I don't know where Simon is.

1996 Suzanne is at Saatchis and Ali is CD at Agency Republic.

1997 Sarah Naughton is a top selling author.

1998 Rich and Giles are at JWT.

1999 Sam and Shish are Creative Directors at BBH.

2000 Tim is an author with 13 books to his name and Guy is a T.V director.

2001 Chris is at A&E/DDB Lowe and Jana was last seen freelancing at Y&R.

2002 Nicola is at RKCR/Y&R and Ross  works in Singapore at Ogilvy.

2003 Dan is at VCCP and Adam is at Saatchis in New Zealand.

2004 Sam is at Publicis and Miranda is bad at staying in touch.

2005 Oli is at Anomaly and Tori is Creative Director at We Are What We Do.

2006 Steve and Katy are at WCRS

2007 Alex and Ed  are at Mother.

2008 Patrick Fraser is at Mother.

2009 Laura and Sophie are at Adam and Eve/DDB.

2010. Laura is at Creature and Jack Gallon is at Albion.

2011 Rebecca and Sam are at Wieden Kennedy, London.

2012 Tom and Tessie  are at Crispin Porter Bogusky, London.

2013 Gareth and Martin  are at Lucky Generals.