Tony Cullingham

Watford Advertising

Reading List.

 I'm not good at recommending books.

I recall asking a girlfriend to read THE HOT JAZZ TRIO by one of my favourite authors, William Kotzwinkle.

A few days later she phoned to say I was a lunatic and I never saw her again.

Anyway, here are the 10 best books to read in specific subject areas.

The best book on creative leadership.


Dave Trott asked me if I had read the Steve Jobs biography. 

 He said it was life changing and kindly bought me a copy. This book shows how diffiicult, arrogant, bullish, focused, energetic, brave and so utterly confident you have to be to be a creative leader.

A phenomenal insight into a truly inspirational character.

Dave was right. It is life changing. I bought loads of black polar neck sweaters and started to be nice.

The Best Book On Copywriting


 The Best Book on Guerilla  Advertising


A wonderful visual panoply of all the great ambient and guerilla campaigns from across the world.

 The Best Book For Strategy and Concepts.


This is a highly engaging and practical read with step by step tips on how to devise an advertising  strategy and execute it.

Simple, clear advice cogently assembled for  would -be creatives.


 The Best Book To Get Your Attitude Right.


Many years ago I went to a talk by  Paul Arden.

In fact, It was more than a talk. It was a succinct and powerful philosophical lecture on how to live your life as creative.

Everyone who left the ICA that night felt that their lives would never be the

same again. Not often I use the  'G' word, but Paul  definitely  was one.

A few years later he turned his  lecture notes into this small but

forceful paperback.

It's a must read. And, it is just like Paul's creative work. Timeless. 


  The Best Book On Thinking.


 Many folk rave about his first book, LATERAL THINKING.   Personally I prefer this one.


The Best Book For Telling You How Mad The Business Is.



Still the most entertaining and achingly true record of our strange and wonderfully frail business.



  The Best Book On Marketing.


Best Book On Art Direction.

This little gem won't tell you how to art direct an ad. It does however have 365

different  ways of art directing the page.

Check for online inspiration.



 The Best Book On The Value Of Books

 Fahenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury . 

A message to all the libraries who are 'burning' books to make  way for computers:

you are destroying our culture, it is a crime.

A message to everyone else:

join a library and take out books.

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury.