Tony Cullingham

Watford Advertising

Why do I do this job?

Avril and Milo left the course two years ago. I'll let them answer the question.

(Email received June 1st 2012.)


Hi Tony & Uncle Mike

It was great seeing you both the other week - it's brilliant being on the other side of the interview process.

We're putting our reel together (it'll be up and running shortly) but we just wanted to ping across a few things we've made this year..
We're in production on our 4th cinema ad now - so much fun.

Wispa cinema ad -

Orange cinema ad -

Our other orange spot we aren't able to post online.  Lionsgate, the production studio has banned it living online.. 
They say 'people will believe it's a trailer for a real film' - madness.

creme egg spots -

Following on from our last conversation - we are are really enjoying Fallon.

Hope to see you soon - maybe back at Fallon with your new students!

Enjoy the long weekend x