Tony Cullingham

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Course Football The best 5 a side team culled from the past 21 years.

I'm often reminded of my more physically active students when I'm getting into my Leicester City pyjamas at the end of the day. My battered body reveals a story that could have come from the pen of Edgar Allen Poe. 

Anthony Goldstein left his mark just below my right knee. 

One of Mike Oughton's studs is still lodged deep inside my temporal lobe. 

And there are some white blotches that look like shrapnel wounds from a particular game when I was  up against Mark Davies; a tigerish midfielder who was cloned from the DNA of Billy Bremner.

We have had some fantastic players over the years......Russell Schaller,Mikey Tudor, Brian  'Blaster' Turner, Gary Turner, Jana 'I'll show you how it's done boys' Pejkovska, Andy Blood, Jim Bolton, Skinner, Brazier,The Bingham Boys Guy and Miles, Kev 'The Master', Laurent Robert, Jack Christensen, Lewis Mooney,  Craig Ainsley, Fernando, Aidan 'Greavsie' McClure, Laurent Robert, Ed 'Raging Bull'  Kaye,  Ed Cole, Alex 'Mavor (The Cat Mark II), Eoin M, Thom The Destroyer, Jon Fox,  Posh James, Geordie James,  Al Brown,Rob Brown,Rich Brown, Beige Brown,Stuart Harkness, Jon Elsom, Mark Davies, Paul Gerrard, Ben Holman,Adam Sherling,Trent Selkus, Matt  Lee, Pete Purple Heyes,  Kos, Eloise Smith,Tom Woodington, Tom 'The Flash' Seers, Zane Radcliffe, JezTribe, The Webber Man, Matt Lever, Sue Modral, Andy Fisher,  Rich Beesening, Paddy Fraser, Tim Volley McNaughton, Nick Flugge, Dave Askwith, Steve Hawthorne, Neil 'Lonestar 'Riley,Duncan Marshall, Nick 'One England Cap' Sheppard........if I have missed your name please email me and remind me of the best goal you scored at Watford.

Below. Class of 97 . Two of the students below went on to write Levi's Odyssey, three became creative directors and one still owes me a fiver. 


Below are the footballers from  2006/2007. Craig Ainsley and I are holding the Cullingham Cup , winners of the 4 a side tournament. Tom Seers and Fernando Perrotoni on the middle row are the other members of the team.

On the bottom row  is Lewis Mooney, who is so amazing at football, we had to handicap his team with Alex, Alex and Sheri. The top row is Ed Kaye, Ed Cole, James Farrell and Dan Northcote Smith.


Below. Three happy chaps who won The Cullingham Cup three a side challenge in 2008.

From the left...Nick Sheppard who played for England Schoolboys, Rich Connell The Goalie  and Thom The Destroyer Glover who could quite easily turn a cow into lean mince with only three tackles.

Nick is at Adam and Eve, Thom is with WCRS and Rich is playing with Meerkats at VCCP.